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The project aims to constantly monitor and update the communication of brands and other actors through the metaverse:

  • Determine narrative styles used

  • Platforms and audiences chosen

  • Geopolitics of the metaverse

  • Prospects and ethical challenges

Academic Dimension

  • Contribution to the scientific debate on communication in the metaverse, through Academic Congresses, Indexed Scientific Journals and Books. 

  • The results and the scientific knowledge generated on the subject will be disseminated through content and informative experiences.

Professional Dimension

  • Assistance and advice to companies. 

  • Elaboration of two annual reports on the situation of communication, companies, and brands in the metaverse (every 6 months).

  • Sponsored case studies

Research & Outreach

entrevista de trabajo


Informative content on the metaverse and other elements of the Web3

Academic Research

Studies published by our researchers on different fields of action and interest for the study and analysis of the metaverse.


Projects funded by universities and other institutions for the study of the metaverse.

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Our Team

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